We have several ongoing projects that highlight our customized power line and utility construction equipment.
Tunnel Ridge 69Kv Powerline In Progress
Our engineering department designed and tested this powerline project using PLS-CADD from the Battle Run to Winters Shaft locations. Currently right of way clearing is taking place and three different material staging locations are being prepped. Soon, PoleSet Off-Road Track Machines will be brought in to dig and place poles and string wire. We will use our off-road Track Machine Wire Puller to make this job safe and efficient.


First Energy-LTIIP Reconductoring, Fuses, & Maintenance In Progress
Poleset was the successful bidder on several First Energy LIITP projects in the South Hills of Pittsburgh.


Consol Energy 15KV East Mains Powerline In Progress
We are constructing a new 3 phase powerline for Consol Energy’s Enlow Fork mine in western PA.


Consol Energy 69KV Lagonda Powerline In Progress
Another Consol Energy job, where we are constructing a new 14,500 foot powerline that feeds a secondary feed from West Penn’s substation to Consol’s Enlow Fork mine.


Consol Energy F27 Substation and 69KV Powerline In Progress
Construction of a new single bay wooden substation at the Enlow Fork F27 site. (69kv down to 4160v.)


PennEnergy Resources In Progress
Construct single phase powerlines to supply power to various well pad locations in the northern PA area.


PennEnergy Resoruces B11 Wellpad

PennEnergy Resources B37 Wellpad
First Energy 55A Southern Beltway
Setting of two poles on Quicksilver Rd linked underground; and an additional five poles along Route 980.