PoleSet, Inc. proudly offers services that include:

  • Engineering and Design Planning
  • Substation Construction
  • Reconductoring/New Wire Installation
  • Setting New and Replacement Poles
  • Right-of-Way Clearing and Maintenance
  • Line Restoration (Emergency/Storm)

PoleSet, Inc. has been serving mining, energy and utility companies since 1991 with a highly skilled team of professionals, top of the line on-road and off-road equipment, and a work ethic unprecedented in the industry.  Our design team of qualified, experienced and licensed professionals will determine your project requirements today and complete full turnkey projects.  Poleset, Inc.’s fully staffed, on-site maintenance garage maintains a large fleet of conventional road service trucks and equipment.  Our garage is also open to the public and fully operational for all your auto repair needs including inspection and emission services.  PoleSet, Inc. maintains a wide selection of electrical materials both in its warehouse and on its trucks. This includes both common household electrical items and emergency materials for storm trouble.

We can handle voltages up through 69kV.  PoleSet, Inc. will complete your projects on time and on budget.