PoleSet, Inc. is a high voltage, 69kV and below, electrical power line contractor based in Western Pennsylvania specializing in off-road, difficult terrain environments.  We have been serving the high voltage utility, mining and energy markets for over 25 years.  We attract and employ highly skilled, certified lineman, developing apprentices and dependable ground-men in our construction crews.  They are backed by a dedicated group of professionals including design engineers, estimating engineers, supervisors, and support staff.

Our Foundation.

Prompted by several storms in 1988 and 1989 the founder of PoleSet, Inc., Bruce Livingood, wanted to create a better way to gain access into isolated pole locations using standard utility equipment mounted on a rough terrain carrier.  Poleset, Inc. operates as an electrical power line construction company with an emphasis in off-road environments.

PoleSet, Inc. began to play a larger role in the market by building turnkey power line projects and substations.  Services were expanded and additional equipment and personnel were added in an effort to increase the company’s presence in this market.  PoleSet, Inc. has grown from a company of three people to a company with nearly 35 employees.

In 2004, Bruce founded PoleSet Equipment, LLC. to build a new design of off-road machines after a search across the nation failed to find suitable equipment.  The Polesetter IIwas born.  Bruce has manufactured over a dozen units since 2004 and has leased them all over the United States.  Our specialized equipment allows access to challenging locations at any time of year, in any type of weather.  This unique equipment has continuously provided dependable cost effective off-road services to many of the top utilities and contractors in the country.

Poleset Construction Today.

Today, PoleSet, Inc. and PoleSet Equipment, LLC. remain located in Western Pennsylvania, an area of the country where rough terrain is part of the job.  PoleSet, Inc. and PoleSet Equipment, LLC. continue to grow and to provide service to customers in the Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio tri-state area as well as customers needing reconstruction after storms across the country.  PoleSet, Inc. remains the premier off-road service provider in the country.

PoleSet, Inc. has been serving mining, energy and utility companies since 1991 with a highly skilled team of professionals, top of the line on-road and off-road equipment, and a work ethic unprecedented in the industry.  Our design team of qualified, experienced and licensed professionals will determine your project requirements today and complete full turnkey projects.  Poleset, Inc.’s fully staffed, on-site maintenance garage maintains a large fleet of conventional road service trucks and equipment.  Our garage is also open to the public and fully operational for all your auto repair needs including inspection and emission services.  PoleSet, Inc. maintains a wide selection of electrical materials both in its warehouse and on its trucks. This includes both common household electrical items and emergency materials for storm trouble.

We can handle voltages up through 69kV.  PoleSet, Inc. will complete your projects on time and on budget.

PoleSet, Inc. has been serving mining, energy and utility companies since 1991.  Using the Polesetter II, Poleset Inc performs cutting edge powerline services at a lower cost, risk and high efficiency. 

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