PoleSet, Inc. has been serving mining, energy and utility companies since 1991 with a highly skilled team of professionals, top of the line on-road and off-road equipment, and a work ethic unprecedented in the industry. 


Polesetter II


The Polesetter II provides vital off-road services for many utility and power line contractors.  The equipment has changed the face of off-road work providing ease of access to difficult terrains, reduced environmental impacts on forestation, vegetation and wetlands.  Off-road expenses have been cut in half with improved access to off-road sites and the unit’s high operating efficiency.


Xtreme Track Bucket II

The boom and carrier of the Polesetter II are fully remote controlled.  Remote operation provides an extra measure of safety for the operator allowing him/her to remain at a safe distance from the work.


Xtreme Digger Derrick 


The Polesetter II is fully engineered and tested to perform at full rated capacity, while providing dielectric capability to replace poles on energized lines.  The machine’s compact design allows for easy, no-permitted transport.


Retriever Truck

Having awesome machines that have all these amazing features can only be made possible by their unique design to be transported permit free with our retriever trucks. Loading and unloading the equipment literally takes just minutes.